A Paradise Lost

Animated hybrid feature doc about a Hawaiian songbird that sued the government to prevent its extinction.

A PARADISE LOST is the strange, curious tale of a cute yellow endangered finch who sued the State of Hawaii to prevent their  imminent extinction, the first animal named a lead plaintiff in a lawsuit. The film is told from the perspective of the stuffed Palila bird that sat at the plaintiff’s desk during "Palila v. Hawaii" in 1979. A Hawaiian actor narrates over animation, archival and interviews to bring the bird's story to life, and reflecting upon efforts in 2017 of a Hawaiian conservationist to rescue dwindling wild populations by releasing captive-bred Palila. The film explore from a literal bird's eye view of how humanity's relationships with nature have evolved the past 40 years and 6 lawsuits taking place in the Extinction Capital of the World.

Supported by Firelight Media, Pacific Islanders in Communication, Sundance Institute, Women in Film, Doc Society.

In post production.

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