Worm Media Productions creates empathetic documentary media which explores small-scale stories of environmental justice through indigenous and local communities.


A Paradise Lost

Animated hybrid feature doc about a Hawaiian songbird that sued the government to prevent its extinction.

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Makana o ke mele (Gift of Song)

Animated hybrid short about a Hawaiian female conservationist remembering her first exposure to native forests as a teen through an innovative educational program for local youth.

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Of Memory & Los Sures

An animated oral history of Los Sures ("the South Streets") offering unique glimpses into the collective memory of a traditionally Puerto Rican neighborhood in South Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY.

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Struggle for Existence

In the future of 2025, five rare Palila finches survive in the wild and a woman journeys to Hawaii, the Extinction Capital of the World, to see the last few birds. Through animation and live-action footage, the film explores how a species is preserved by humankind as it nears extinction.

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